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Are you looking for a professional, highly-trained dentist Sydney? Do you need a local dentist that understands your and your family’s needs and can provide you with personalised care and service? Look no further, because Dentistry by Design is the dentist to suit your needs.

Dentistry by Design is one of the most trusted and highly-professional dental clinics in Sydney. We are situated in the picturesque surrounds of Balmain and offer premium cosmetic dental care in a range of top-class services. Our expert dentistry services cover a variety of general practices, aesthetic services, and restorative procedures that are guaranteed to have you living your best life. And if that’s not enough, we were also rated one of the best emergency dentists Sydney has.

Our experienced team of expertly-trained, internationally-recognised dentists will ensure that you are in the safest hands possible. Their skill and care are unmatched, and no matter what your dental requirement is, the team will fix or enhance it.

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment and ensure that our staff are highly trained to offer the most comprehensive care to our patients. At Dentistry by Design, we believe that every patient (even our most nervous ones), should receive a warm and friendly service to help put their minds at ease. We ensure that after leaving our dental practice in Balmain, our clients would have received excellent service, as well as looking their best.

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Dentistry by Design offers the widest range of dental care in Sydney

We offer the most comprehensive dental services in Sydney ranging from complex aesthetic and cosmetic procedures to routine dental treatments. With our full suite of dental services, you will be smiling with confidence in no time!

Our specialised Balmain dental clinic offers:

As a leading Balmain dentist, Dentistry by Design also specialises in routine procedures such as check-ups, gum disease treatments, and fillings too.

Our Sydney dentist team prides themselves in offering professional services in a warm, safe, and compassionate environment.

Our Relaxation Options

At Dentistry by Design, we offer two main types of sedation to help you relax during your procedure, they are:

  • Twilight Sedation – Also known as intravenous sedation, this is a safe and modern technique that takes the fear out of dentistry and makes the dental treatment a pleasant experience. It’s suitable for all types of treatment including implant surgery, the extraction of wisdom teeth, and for patients who are nervous or anxious. When one is placed under twilight sedation, more dentistry can be done in a single session, saving you time. Twilight sedation is suitable for most patients, but if you’re not in good health or are taking prescribed medication, it’s important to be assessed for your individual suitability. Once a qualified medical doctor sedates you, you’ll feel very relaxed and drowsy, allowing the treatment to be carried out comfortably. The sedative agents present in twilight sedation produce amnesia, so you feel as though you’ve been asleep for most of the treatment; but you have merely been sedated and are not unconscious, as you would be under general anaesthetic.
  • Other Sedation – we also offer patients lighter sedation options, which are administered by our trained staff. They range from oral sedation, Happy Gas for inhalation, and Penthrox (Green Whistle). Depending on your choice, you may be required to begin your sedation before or during your appointment.

There are many great solutions to ensuring you feel relaxed and anxiety free. Come in and talk to us to find the right solution for you!

For a dentist in Balmain that offers flexibility with fair prices and payment plans to consider, choose Dentistry by Design.

Keep that sparkle in your smile, contact Dentistry by Design. For your nearest dentist Sydney, call us on 02 9810 5507.

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